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In Juneteenth Keynote, CMU Historian Outlines Harriet Tubman's Role in Civil War Raid

Professor Emerita Mary-Lou Pardue, pioneering cellular and molecular biologist, dies at 90

Helping nonexperts build advanced generative AI models

AI Tools Reshape Job Application Process

New Course Harnesses AI To Kindle Creativity

New Ragon Institute building opens in the heart of Kendall Square

Space Architecture

Toward socially and environmentally responsible real estate

Eric Evans receives Department of Defense Medal for Distinguished Public Service

‘Here to Stay’ Explores Pittsburgh’s Architectural History

Robots to the Rescue: AI Revolutionizes Disaster Response

Design is Testability

Two reports released on communities significantly impacted by events of Oct. 7 and afterward

Stanford Law School celebrates 2024 graduates

Study: Titan’s lakes may be shaped by waves

When companies announce earnings surprises, locals reach for their pocketbooks

William Chueh named new director of Precourt Institute for Energy

Why advertisers pay more to reach viewers who watch less

Six depression ‘biotypes’ identified in Stanford Medicine study

Center harnesses AI to advance autonomous space exploration

3 Questions: Catherine D’Ignazio on data science and a quest for justice

Clearing the path to commercialization

Microscope system sharpens scientists’ view of neural circuit connections

Arvind, longtime MIT professor and prolific computer scientist, dies at 77

MIT-Takeda Program wraps up with 16 publications, a patent, and nearly two dozen projects completed

David Autor named the inaugural Daniel (1972) and Gail Rubinfeld Professor in Economics

AI is here to stay. How Do We Govern It?

Virtual Realities: How Tech Can Empower the LGBTQ+ Community

CMU Class Builds Satellite Bound for Earth’s Orbit

Kori Carter, Wharton MBA Grad and Track World Champion

Arts Education on the Red Carpet

Researchers leverage shadows to model 3D scenes, including objects blocked from view

Technologies enable 3D imaging of whole human brain hemispheres at subcellular resolution

Understanding the visual knowledge of language models

Monica Hicks’ about-face

Meet the Trojan-Hunting SEI Researchers Improving Computer Vision

Carnegie Mellon: A Hub for Action and Innovation in Sustainable Research and Practice

A smarter way to streamline drug discovery

Carnegie Mellon Alumni Win 4 Tony Awards

Stanford 2024 Commencement Ceremony

2024 Stanford Commencement speech by Melinda French Gates

Congratulations, graduates!

2024 Commencement Highlights: Melinda French Gates

2024 Excellence in Theatre Education Award Winner

Stanford’s 2024 Commencement Wacky Walk

Watch highlights from the 2024 Wacky Walk

‘You’re not a wave. You’re water,’ Melinda French Gates tells Stanford ’24 graduates

A new way to spot life-threatening infections in cancer patients

2024 Baccalaureate celebration

A message of joy for the Class of 2024

2024 Pride Keynote Lecture Explores the Power of Intersectionality

Rewriting History with ‘Suffs,’ 4 CMU Alumnae March Toward Tony Awards

Faculty Senate extends university speech committee’s work

Technique improves the reasoning capabilities of large language models

A creation story told through immersive technology

With programmable pixels, novel sensor improves imaging of neural activity

Featured video: Researchers discuss queer visibility in academia

A ‘liquid battery’ advance

How to be a citizen scientist

SIGMETRICS'24 - Agents of Autonomy: A Systematic Study of Robotics on Modern Hardware

SIGMETRICS'24 - MetaVRadar: Measuring Metaverse Virtual Reality Network Activity

SIGMETRICS'24 - Heavy-Traffic Optimal Size- and State-Aware Dispatching

Generative AI at Work

Scientists preserve DNA in an amber-like polymer

Bob Prior: A deep legacy of cultivating books at the MIT Press

Symposium highlights scale of mental health crisis and novel methods of diagnosis and treatment

A student’s journey cast in gold and silver

Study finds hybrid work benefits companies and employees

Breakthrough Approach Enables Bidirectional BCI Functionality

Just thinking about a location activates mental maps in the brain

Nancy Kanwisher, Robert Langer, and Sara Seager named Kavli Prize Laureates

Quantum technologies

Researchers use large language models to help robots navigate

Responsive Structures: "Uni-no-Ki"

Study finds Paxlovid adds no clear long-COVID benefit

Making climate models relevant for local decision-makers

New algorithm discovers language just by watching videos

Pilot Transportation Program Improves Rural Access and Mobility

People of ACM: Xing Xie (6/11/2024)

New computer vision method helps speed up screening of electronic materials

Meet Sylvia Colt-Lacayo '24

Telling stories that matter

Stanford explainer: CRISPR, gene editing, and beyond

MIT Faculty Founder Initiative announces three winners of entrepreneurship awards

Quantum Explained

How a quantum scientist, a nurse, and an economist are joining the fight against global poverty

Catalyst Symposium helps lower “activation barriers” for rising biology researchers

University statement on Stanford Daily students arrested on June 5

Wharton & NFL – Global Brands and Global Fans: Wharton Global Forum in São Paulo, Brazil

CMU Alumni Help ‘The Heart of Rock and Roll’ Beat on Broadway

Stanford will resume standardized test requirement for undergraduate admission

Kolter Named Head of Carnegie Mellon University Machine Learning Department

Protein study could help researchers develop new antibiotics

Through econometrics, Isaiah Andrews is making research more robust

Students research pathways for MIT to reach decarbonization goals

Action lab informs policies on blue food

Tepper School Study Offers a Better Way to Make AI Fairer for Everyone

Water report

STOC 2024 Turing Lecture

Improving working environments amid environmental distress

Sarah Lewis’ next act

People with Autism Turn to ChatGPT for Advice on Workplace Issues

A data-driven approach to making better choices

Paying it forward

People with Autism Turn to ChatGPT for Advice on Workplace Issues

The first example of cellular origami

Researchers demonstrate the first chip-based 3D printer

Digital Twins and Nanotechnology Can Transform Agriculture

Exotic black holes could be a byproduct of dark matter

The unexpected origins of a modern finance tool

Stellar Observations: AI’s Journey into the Cosmos

Nuh Gedik receives 2024 National Brown Investigator Award

Reducing carbon emissions from long-haul trucks

Mouth-based touchpad enables people living with paralysis to interact with computers

Advocating for science funding on Capitol Hill

Unique professional development course prepares students for future careers

New technique reveals how gene transcription is coordinated in cells

12 doctoral students receive Diversity Dissertation Research Opportunity awards

A ‘waterbender’ pursues his global goal

Aleena Siddiqui Receives Udall Scholarship

Three-peat for CMU Hacking Team at MITRE Cybersecurity Tournament

The World at MIT: Moungi Bawendi

The World at MIT: Highlights

QS ranks MIT the world’s No. 1 university for 2024-25

Physicists create five-lane superhighway for electrons

Study models how ketamine’s molecular action leads to its effects on the brain

SPURS Fellowships offer time out to reflect, learn, and connect

All in the family

Representation Matters in AI-Generated Images