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Faculty Senate approves motions on freedom of expression

Wharton undergrad student graduation speech on aiming to do social good

Noubar Afeyan PhD ’87 gives new MIT graduates a special assignment

President Sally Kornbluth’s charge to the Class of 2024

MIT President Sally Kornbluth Charge to the Class of 2024

Noubar Afeyan Address to the Class of 2024

2024 MIT Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony

RI Research Brings Together Humans, Robots and Generative AI To Create Art

Microscopic defects in ice influence how massive glaciers flow, study shows

Social Justice Is Core to Sustainability Efforts at Carnegie Mellon

Carnegie Mellon University in Africa Holds 11th Graduation Ceremony

Congrats to the Class of 2024

The Tony Awards and Carnegie Mellon University Present the 2024 Excellence in Theatre Education Award to CJay Philip of Baltimore

OneMIT Commencement Ceremony Live Webcast

Tepper School Economist Examines Impact of Noncompete Agreements

Obituary: C. Gordon Bell Built the Foundation for Modern Computing

Scientists identify mechanism behind drug resistance in malaria parasite

Getting to systemic sustainability

New MIT-LUMA Lab created to address climate challenges in the Mediterranean region

MIT Press releases Direct to Open impact report

Modeling the threat of nuclear war

2024 Wharton graduation day video recap

Visiting the Virtual Lab: Student Engineers Simulate Nanofabrication in Minecraft

New model simulates urban flood risk with an eye toward equity

The Wharton School Makes Strategic Investment in Artificial Intelligence Research and Teaching

Modular, scalable hardware architecture for a quantum computer

Wharton Executive MBA student graduation speech on pursuing dreams

Looking for a specific action in a video? This AI-based method can find it for you

‘Tree Urchin’ is inspired by nature and grounded in design

Congratulations, graduates!

Sophia Chen: It’s our duty to make the world better through empathy, patience, and respect

Using art and science to depict the MIT family from 1861 to the present

Convening for cultural change

Q&A: Kate Brown on the power of tiny gardens and their role in addressing climate change

Remembering Alan Waggoner

In international relations, it’s the message, not the medium

A modest intervention that helps low-income families beat the poverty trap

Coding for Animals Key To Engaging Children in STEM

Are leaders born or made? – Wharton Dean Erika James' graduation speech

“Figure out what’s working in your life, and do more of that.”

Mohamed El-Erian's Graduation Advice: "In a world of darkness, be the candle."

"Live your professional life from the end back to the beginning"

2024 Wharton MBA Program for Executives Graduation – Full Ceremony (Philadelphia)

2024 Wharton Doctoral Graduation – Full Ceremony

Summer fitness registration

Autonomous Trauma Care Extends ‘Golden Hour’ for Saving Lives

Understanding why autism symptoms sometimes improve amid fever

School of Engineering welcomes new faculty

Study explains why the brain can robustly recognize images, even without color

Stanford springs into wellness

Dean Erika James - 2024 Wharton Graduation Speech

New Study Highlights Significant Increases in Cannabis Use in US

CMU Researchers To Tackle Carbon Use, Sustainability Through NSF Expeditions in Computing Awards

Clocking In: AI Transforms the Future of Work

People of ACM: Nesime Tatbul (5/23/2024)

Mohamed El-Erian – 2024 Wharton MBA Program for Executives Graduation Sp...

Turning up the heat on next-generation semiconductors

Sarah Millholland receives 2024 Vera Rubin Early Career Award

A community collaboration for progress

Christopher Phillips Appointed Head of Carnegie Mellon’s Department of History

Higher Education Sexual Misconduct and Awareness (HESMA) survey

MIT scientists learn how to control muscles with light

Tepper School Study Reveals Voter Moral Justifications for Politicians' Misstatements

Mike Sievert, CEO, T-Mobile – 2024 Wharton MBA Graduation Speech

June 2024 CACM: Avi Wigderson, 2023 ACM A.M. Turing Awardee

June 2024 CACM: The Human-or-Machine Issue: Turing-Inspired Reflections on an Everyday Matter

Study: Under extreme impacts, metals get stronger when heated

The origin of the sun’s magnetic field could lie close to its surface

Adhesive coatings can prevent scarring around medical implants

Using wobbling stellar material, astronomers measure the spin of a supermassive black hole for the first time

SCS Doctoral Student Receives Hertz Fellowship

Making steel with electricity

Lectures explore data's place in the humanities

H2 underground

2024 MAD Design Fellows announced

From NASA to MIT to Formlabs

Democratizing Air Quality Data at Nearly No Cost

Aviation and Robotics Summit Comes to Carnegie Mellon

2024 Wharton MBA Graduation – Full Ceremony

Chemists Use Nucleic Acid Binding Dyes as Photocatalysts for ATRP

An expansive approach to making new compounds

Q&A: A graduating student looks back on his MIT experience

Eleven from MIT awarded 2024 Fulbright fellowships

Robotic palm mimics human touch

Wharton Undergrad & MBA Classes of 2024 Graduation Day

2024 Wharton Undergraduate Graduation – Full Ceremony

Carnegie Mellon University Showcases Art Installations

Five surprising facts about the sun

AEROS CubeSat launches to study ocean health

Building an Equitable, Inclusive and Prosperous Future

Trying to make the grade

Roger W. Ferguson, Jr. – 2024 Wharton MBA Program for Executives Graduation Speech

Panel Discussion: Advances in Market Microstructure | Wharton Finance

Janabel Xia: Algorithms, dance rhythms, and the drive to succeed

Jonathan Byrnes, MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics senior lecturer and visionary in supply chain management, dies at 75

CMU Experts Lent Expertise to New U.S. Artificial Intelligence 'Roadmap'

Wharton MBA Students Thank Their Biggest Supporters Ahead of Graduation

2023 Jacobs Levy Center Research Paper Prize Presentation | Wharton Finance

Researchers develop a detector for continuously monitoring toxic gases

2023 Wharton-Jacobs Levy Prize Presentation

The Statistical Limit of Arbitrage

Scientists use generative AI to answer complex questions in physics

New tool empowers users to fight online misinformation

Elaine Liu: Charging ahead

2024 MIT Supply Chain Excellence Awards given to 35 undergraduates

The surprising relationship between marine worms and the algae that live inside them

Faces of MIT: Reimi Hicks

John Joannopoulos receives 2024-2025 Killian Award

Q&A: Exploring ethnic dynamics and climate change in Africa

Commencement 2024 - President's Charge

The MIT Bike Lab: A place for community, hands-on learning

Greta Markey Named CMU’s First Stanford Knight-Hennessy Awardee

Repurposed beer yeast may offer a cost-effective way to remove lead from water

Newly discovered Earth-sized planet may lack an atmosphere

Robotic “SuperLimbs” could help moonwalkers recover from falls

3 Questions: Technology roadmapping in teaching and industry

Meet Liana Keesing, BS ’23, MS ’24

Meet Our Faculty: Tadashi Tokieda

Five MIT faculty elected to the National Academy of Sciences for 2024

Professor Emeritus Jerome Connor, pioneer in structural mechanics, dies at 91

MIT’s Master of Applied Science in Data, Economics, and Design of Policy program adds a public policy track

Astronomers spot a giant planet that is as light as cotton candy

Rafael Guzman-Soriano Wins K&L Gates Prize

2024 CMU Commencement Highlights

Scientists develop an affordable sensor for lead contamination

2024 Lipman Family Prize Award Ceremony

How wildfires change soil chemistry

MIT researchers discover the universe’s oldest stars in our own galactic backyard

Stanford’s 53rd annual powwow celebrates indigenous women