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Researchers create “The Consensus Game” to elevate AI’s text comprehension and generation skills

A first-ever complete map for elastic strain engineering

Know Your HBS Staff: Paul Bronzo

Sanso: Satchu-Burgstone Runner-Up Prize Winner, Student Business Track, ...

Solara: Sacerdote Grand Prize Winner, Social Enterprise Track, 2024 New ...

Trans Health HQ: Sacerdote Runner-Up Prize, Social Enterprise Track, 202...

Shining a light on oil fields to make them more sustainable

“Life is short, so aim high”

Atmospheric observations in China show rise in emissions of a potent greenhouse gas

VIAVI Solutions joins MIT.nano Consortium

Second round of seed grants awarded to MIT scholars studying the impact and applications of generative AI

Is it the school, or the students?

Student spotlight: Victory Yinka-Banjo

A delicate dance

Persistent “hiccups” in a far-off galaxy draw astronomers to new black hole behavior

Abortion Influences Everything

Inspirational Women in Business

Behind the Research: Isamar Troncoso

Engineers find a new way to convert carbon dioxide into useful products

New software enables blind and low-vision users to create interactive, accessible charts

Unlocking mRNA’s cancer-fighting potential

How One Leader Overcame Career-Ending Adversity

A revolutionary, bold educational endeavor for Belize

MIT-derived algorithm helps forecast the frequency of extreme weather

Algorithm helps forecast frequency of extreme weather

Professor Michael Norton, “The Ritual Effect”

Artificial reef designed by MIT engineers could protect marine life, reduce storm damage

With a new experimental technique, MIT engineers probe the mechanisms of landslides and earthquakes

Engineering household robots to have a little common sense

Large language models use a surprisingly simple mechanism to retrieve some stored knowledge

Study: Movement disorder ALS and cognitive disorder FTLD show strong molecular overlaps

Students explore career opportunities in semiconductors

Ritual Effect Book Launch with HBS Faculty Band Performance

For MIT students, there is much to learn from crafting a chair

A new way to quantify climate change impacts: “Outdoor days”

Think globally, rebuild locally

Understanding the impacts of mining on local environments and communities

Lessons from Fukushima: Prepare for the unlikely

MIT announces financial aid and tuition rates for the 2024–25 academic year

AI generates high-quality images 30 times faster in a single step

Ever wonder how you can move fast in business— and fix things?

Optimizing nuclear fuels for next-generation reactors

Free Speech and Community Values Working Group Q+A

Sarah E. Light Appointed Inaugural Mitchell J. Blutt and Margo Krody Blutt Presidential Professor

Study: Life’s building blocks are surprisingly stable in Venus-like conditions

Creative collisions: Crossing the art-science divide

Visting scholars from Ukraine kick off Global MIT At-Risk Fellows Program

3 Questions: Progress on updating MIT’s undergraduate curriculum

The Great Creep Backward: Policy Responses to China’s Slowing Economy

A protein found in human sweat may protect against Lyme disease

Pushing material boundaries for better electronics

New algorithm unlocks high-resolution insights for computer vision

How Used Products Can Unlock New Markets: Lessons from Apple's Refurbished iPhones

Publish or Perish: What the Research Says About Productivity in Academia

Five MIT faculty members take on Cancer Grand Challenges

Unlocking the quantum future

Report: Employers Don’t Practice What They Preach on Skills-Based Hiring

How Harvard Business School Uses Generative AI In Its MBA Classrooms

3 Questions: What you need to know about audio deepfakes

Making the clean energy transition work for everyone

Harvard Business School Rock Center for Entrepreneurship Hosts First Annual Demo Day

Study finds lands used for grazing can worsen or help climate change

Envisioning a time when people age without fear of dementia

2024 MacVicar Faculty Fellows named

Researchers help robots navigate efficiently in uncertain environments

Study finds workers misjudge wage markets

“Imagine it, build it” at MIT

Life on Mars, together

Letting the Earth answer back: Designing better planetary conversations

Exclusive: Feds to Offer New Support to Open-Source Developer

John Deighton, Harvard Business School—Platforms as a Tool for Value Creation

Five Books To Develop Leadership Skills In 2024

The Biggest Perk of Gig Work Might Also Be Its Downfall

How free online courses from MIT can “transform the future of the world”

Master bladesmith Bob Kramer’s lessons from the school of life

How to Bring Good Ideas to Life: The Paul English Story

Ken Johnson Jr., MIT DAPER director of communications, promotions, and marketing, dies at 47

A sprayable gel could make minimally invasive surgeries simpler and safer

New system monitors and controls spraying

Boosting student engagement and workforce development in microelectronics

Wharton Executive Education Helps Close the Management Competency Gap with People Management for Emerging Leaders

Scientists develop a rapid gene-editing screen to find effects of cancer mutations

Reducing pesticide use while increasing effectiveness

Exploring the cellular neighborhood

A new sensor detects harmful “forever chemicals” in drinking water

Islamophobia and Anti-Arabism Working Group Q+A

For people who speak many languages, there’s something special about their native tongue

Self-assembly at the macro scale

Do People Want to Work Anymore?

Lean Into Failure: How to Make Mistakes That Work

2024 Lipman Family Prize Winners Named

Researchers enhance peripheral vision in AI models

How sensory gamma rhythm stimulation clears amyloid in Alzheimer’s mice

Is this the future of fashion?

Three MIT alumni graduate from NASA astronaut training

How the brain coordinates speaking and breathing

Self-assembly at the macro scale

Wharton Profs. Susan Wachter, Michael Roberts, David Musto and Christina Skinner to Present on the Real Estate Market, Financial Literacy and AI, Share Buybacks and Financial Markets at Wharton Seminars for Business Journalists Virtual Program, April 11

Method rapidly verifies that a robot will avoid collisions

Deciphering the cellular mechanisms behind ALS

A noninvasive treatment for “chemo brain”

MIT scientists use a new type of nanoparticle to make vaccines more powerful

New exhibits showcase trailblazing MIT women

Harvard Business School Announces Spring 2024 Cohort of Executive Fellows

A Peek at the MBA Experience

Nicole McGaa: Ensuring safe travels in space

“This MIT Bootcamp shook everything upside down and has given me the spirit of innovation”

The Commercialization of University Research: The Role of People versus Place

Why Not Require a Civics Test as a Rite of Passage for All Americans?

Friction 101: How to Make the Right Things Easier and Wrong Things Harder

Curiosity Unbounded, Episode 7 — Staying radical and relevant

Using generative AI to improve software testing

School of Science announces 2024 Infinite Expansion Awards

At Sustainability Connect 2024, a look at how MIT is decarbonizing its campus

Ursula von Rydingsvard’s Sculpture on View at Harvard Business School

Schmidt Sciences Names Wharton Professor Daniel Rock to Second Cohort of AI2050 Early Career Fellows

This is MIT

Exposure to different kinds of music influences how the brain interprets rhythm

Tests show high-temperature superconducting magnets are ready for fusion

Study determines the original orientations of rocks drilled on Mars

Four-peat: MIT students take first place in the 84th Putnam Math Competition

First-year MIT students gain hands-on research experience in supportive peer community

Three Lincoln Laboratory inventions named IEEE Milestones

A careful rethinking of the Iraq War

Startup accelerates progress toward light-speed computing

Dealing with the limitations of our noisy world

Eight from MIT named 2024 Sloan Research Fellows

Power when the sun doesn’t shine

Brain surgery training from an avatar