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The US Is Known for Designing Chips, Not Making Them. Can the Chips Act Funding Change That?

New AI model could streamline operations in a robotic warehouse

Cybersecurity software wins a 2024 Federal Laboratory Consortium Excellence in Technology Transfer Award

“We offer another place for knowledge”

Generative AI for smart grid modeling

Putting AI into the hands of people with problems to solve

Antisemitism Working Group Q+A

Honoring the History of Black Americans in the Military

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Rock Center Faculty Co-Chairs Q+A

MIT engineers 3D print the electromagnets at the heart of many electronics

Nourishing the mind, hand, and stomach

MLK Celebration Gala pays tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. and his writings on “the goal of true education”

OPEN DAY 2024 I SATURDAY, 24 FEB I 10.30 AM - 5 PM

Winterfest 2024

A Leader's Guide To Navigating Through Crisis

CHIPS Act Support For GlobalFoundries Will Strengthen Key Domestic Capabilities

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Researchers harness 2D magnetic materials for energy-efficient computing

Thirty-five outstanding MIT students selected as Burchard Scholars for 2024

Harvard Study Finds More Companies Are Dropping College Degree Requirements on Job Ads—But Aren’t Actually Changing How They Hire

Should Pay Be More Transparent?

Intrapreneurship and Opportunity: Empowering Employees to Take Action

Confidence Gap: Qualified Women Less Likely to Apply for Jobs than Men

Harvard Business Prof on Failing Well

Electrons become fractions of themselves in graphene, study finds

Play it again, Spirio

Automated method helps researchers quantify uncertainty in their predictions

MIT Solve announces 2024 Global Challenges and Indigenous Communities Fellowship

Smart glove teaches new physical skills

Jiaoyang Huang, Assistant Professor of Statistics and Data Science, Named Among 2024 Sloan Research Fellows

Words as amber: Capturing life in poetry

Honoring the History of Black Americans in the Military

New model identifies drugs that shouldn’t be taken together

Jack M. Guttentag

This tiny, tamper-proof ID tag can authenticate almost anything

Intelligent Failure Is the Right Kind of Wrong: Amy C Edmondson

Retailers and Health Systems Can Improve Care Together

Stitch3D is powering a new wave of 3D data collaboration

MIT course aids social connection, better relationships, and happiness

Hitchhiking cancer vaccine makes progress in the clinic

A passion for innovation and education

With just a little electricity, MIT researchers boost common catalytic reactions

MIT researchers remotely map crops, field by field

3 Questions: Why study theater in a German language class?

Valentine’s Day Facts–Gifts, Money & More

Anantha Chandrakasan named MIT’s inaugural chief innovation and strategy officer

What Is Psychological Safety (And How to Build It)?:

A new test could predict how heart attack patients will respond to mechanical pumps

Using AI to discover stiff and tough microstructures

Anushree Chaudhuri: Involving local communities in renewable energy planning

3 Questions: Paloma Duong on the complexities of Cuban culture

Robert Langer receives Dr. Paul Janssen Award

For all humankind

Local journalism is a critical “gate” to engage Americans on climate change

Apple’s Dilemma: Balancing Privacy and Safety Responsibilities

Notable Women Scientists from IISc

MTech Online Programme Testimonials - Bushra Nazir (AI)

MTech Online Programme Testimonials - Animesh Kumar (DSBA)

Study measures the psychological toll of wildfires

A new way to let AI chatbots converse all day without crashing

MIT community members elected to the National Academy of Engineering for 2024

Pat McAtamney: Empowering student-led engineering teams

Study: Global deforestation leads to more mercury pollution

MIT community members honored with 2024 Franklin Institute Awards

This ultrasound sticker senses changing stiffness of deep internal organs

Collaborative problem-solving, globally

MIT junior Justin Yu crashes “Tetris,” with thanks to the game’s recent “space race”

Safer skies with self-flying helicopters

Miguel Zenón, assistant professor of jazz at MIT, wins Grammy Award

The Middle Manager of the Future: More Coaching, Less Commanding

Technique could improve the sensitivity of quantum sensing devices

Illustrating India’s complex environmental crises

Scientists develop a low-cost device to make cell therapy safer

Researchers discover new channels to excite magnetic waves with terahertz light

Reflecting on COP28 — and humanity’s progress toward meeting global climate goals

Six MIT students selected as spring 2024 MIT-Pillar AI Collective Fellows

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Napoleon Ship Model

Remembering MIT Copytech Director Casey Harrington

MADMEC winner creates “temporary tattoos” for T-shirts

New Program from Wharton Executive Education Shows Business Leaders and Investors How to Invest in and Engage with Fixed-Income Markets and Products

MIT-led team receives funding to pursue new treatments for metabolic disease

MIT researchers map the energy transition’s effects on jobs

How symmetry can come to the aid of machine learning

Doctors have more difficulty diagnosing disease when looking at images of darker skin

How to avoid a “winner’s curse” for social programs

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2023 BiGS Latin America Roundtable

Fearing a Bond Selloff? History Shows Fed-Fueled Gains Are More Likely

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‘Intrinsic Joy’ Sparks Ideas Better than Cash

How ‘Looking the Part’ Can Help You Get the Job

A chronicler of the biotech boom

Projects investigating Swahili, global media win SHASS Humanities Awards

DiOnetta Jones Crayton: Change-maker at MIT

Noubar Afeyan PhD ’87 to deliver MIT’s 2024 Commencement address

A night at the orchestra, with Pokémon on the program

Three Decades In, Amazon Is Still Working to Perfect Its Original Bookstore Business

Professor Emeritus Igor Paul, an expert in product design and safety, dies at 87

MIT Press’s Direct to Open opens access to full list of 2024 monographs

New fellowship to help advance science journalism in Africa and the Middle East

Blood cell family trees trace how production changes with aging

Imaging method reveals new cells and structures in human brain tissue