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A new record for Math Prize for Girls wins

Light-activated muscle grafts show promise in aiding muscle recovery post-trauma

Engineers develop an efficient process to make fuel from carbon dioxide

New techniques efficiently accelerate sparse tensors for massive AI models

Accelerating AI tasks while preserving data security

The brain may learn about the world the same way some computational models do

John Coates on His Book, The Problem of Twelve: When a Few Financial Ins...

Structural Conflicts in Central Banking | Wharton Initiative on Financial Policy and Regulation

3 Questions: A roadmap toward circularity in the footwear industry

MIT’s Justin Yu wins Classic Tetris World Championship

Badreddine Ouali: Creating a Culture of Empowerment and Purpose

Turning engineers into well-rounded communicators

Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful and HBS

A marvel in masonry shows the art of the possible

Books under attack, then and now

Rafael Mariano Grossi speaks about nuclear power’s role at a critical moment in history

School of Engineering third quarter 2023 awards

Morphing fabrics

How adults understand what kids are saying

Making genetic prediction models more inclusive

Regulation of Digital Assets with Waleed Y.W. Haj Hasan | Stevens Center FinTech Lecture Series

Morphing fabrics

Shape-shifting fiber can produce morphing fabrics

Shape-shifting fiber can produce morphing fabrics

Eight high school teams named Lemelson-MIT InvenTeams for 2023-24

Morris Chang ’52, SM ’53 describes the secrets of semiconductor success

Learning to Sail With Wharton's McNulty Leadership Program

Bright flash leads astronomers to a heavy-metal factory 900 million light years away

Smart irrigation technology covers “more crop per drop”

Faculty Recognition

Mobilizing creative learning with OctoStudio

Four from MIT awarded National Medals of Technology, Science

Bringing the environment to the forefront of engineering

Q&A: Magnifying research impact with policymakers Sent from my iPhone

Celebrating Kendall Square’s past and shaping its future Sent from my iPhone

LIGO surpasses the quantum limit

Opening pathways for future supply chain leaders

Building on an enduring bond

Teaching students about photonics to build up the US workforce

Learning how to learn

Soft optical fibers block pain while moving and stretching with the body

To excel at engineering design, generative AI must learn to innovate, study finds

3 Questions: What should scientists and the public know about nuclear waste?

A new way to integrate data with physical objects

Institute Professor Daron Acemoglu Wins A.SK Social Science Award

Students Foster Disability Awareness and Access

From a five-layer graphene sandwich, a rare electronic state emerges

Edward Crawley: A career of education, service, and exploration

Germicidal UV lights could be producing indoor air pollutants, study finds

New technique helps robots pack objects into a tight space

Ariel Furst and Fan Wang receive 2023 National Institutes of Health awards

Designing a revolution

A method to interpret AI might not be so interpretable after all

Study: Deep neural networks don’t see the world the way we do

Students Foster Disability Awareness and Access

MIT design would harness 40 percent of the sun’s heat to produce clean hydrogen fuel

question for MIT: can dogs do quantum computation ??

Jesse Kroll recognized for excellence in postdoctoral mentoring

At MIT, used books help enable public service

Thousands of programmable DNA-cutters found in algae, snails, and other organisms

From MIT to Burning Man: The Living Knitwork Pavilion

Targeting a coronavirus ion channel could yield new Covid-19 drugs

New Faculty Profiles: Jacob Cook

Cleaning up one of the world’s most commonly used substances

MakerLodge: A launchpad for hands-on learning

Organizing “spaghetti” software so it can be easily modified

Nathaniel Hendren wants to understand the conditions of opportunity

Physicists coax superconductivity and more from quasicrystals

Study advances understanding of visual recognition memory

Solve Challenge Finals 2023: Action in service to the world

Recovering a treasure trove in MIT’s student center

Beyond words

Practicing mindfulness with an app may improve children’s mental health

With Psyche, a journey to an ancient asteroid is set to begin

Twelve with MIT ties elected to the National Academy of Medicine for 2023

HBS Career Journeys | Matt Hartsog (MS/MBA 2023) Sent from my iPhone

Making more magnetism possible with topology

Curiosity Unbounded, Ep. 5: Beyond words Sent from my iPhone

One of MIT’s “best-kept secrets” offers an outlet for creative writing

Boom, crackle, pop: Sounds of Earth’s crust

J. Scott Armstrong

MIT releases financials and endowment figures for 2023

2023 Nobel Prize in Economics

New Faculty Profiles: Louis E. Caldera

New Faculty Profiles: Gerald Chertavian

New Faculty Profiles: Emanuele Colonnelli

Empowering students to bring change in the Middle East

Redefining Speed And Trust: A Conversation With Frances Frei And Anne Morriss On Their New Book Sent from my iPhone

A reciprocal relationship with the land in Hawaiʻi Sent from my iPhone

New tools are available to help reduce the energy that AI models devour

MIT SHASS Diversity Predoctoral Fellowship Program welcomes 2023-24 class

The art of science and the science of art

Professor Moungi Bawendi awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2023 Sent from my iPhone

Photos: Moungi Bawendi’s first day as a Nobel laureate

HBS Career Journeys | Maggie Yang Sent from my iPhone

HBS Career Journeys | Mariah Cushman Sent from my iPhone

2023 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Awarded to Moungi Bawendi of MIT Sent from my iPhone

Finger-shaped sensor enables more dexterous robots Sent from my iPhone

How a single neuron’s parallel outputs can coordinate many aspects of behavior

Fellowship program empowers Nigerian academics to transform engineering education in their local universities

AI copilot enhances human precision for safer aviation

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How China-West Tensions Will Shape Global Markets

Eliminating Algorithmic Bias Is Just the Beginning of Equitable AI

Research: In Recessions, Employees Avoid Jobs with Startups

“A whole world of potential learners and potential knowledge to gain”

Improving accessibility of online graphics for blind users

Finding solidarity in the teachers’ lounge

Sunset from Huntsman Hall 8th Floor | The Wharton School

A more effective experimental design for engineering a cell into a new state

Is AI in the eye of the beholder?

Wharton MBA Olympics 2023 Sent from my iPhone

One scientist’s journey from the Middle East to MIT